CTL Pump Installations will design all new pump systems to attain the highest efficiency for each specific application.   Each system is designed to meet your specific needs after a full inspection of your drilled well, or a review of the well driller's report.  Additionally, during the design phase, we take into consideration future service and accessability.

CTL Pump Installations is dedicated to providing designs that utilize the best technology in order to produce systems that operate with the highest efficiency and reliability. We have designed systems for:

  • Residential Wells and Booster Pumps
  • Agricultural Pumps
  • Municipal Pump Stations
  • Portable Pump Packages
  • Tailwater Recovery Systems

Automated Blending Systems Installation of submersible pumps and new water systems including:

  • bladder
  • pressure
  • holding tanks
  • Reparation of existing water systems 
  • Isolated water zone testing using inflatable packer method

We recommend submersable test pumping to determine well yields and drawdown using a portable VFD (variable frequency drive) test unit.

Well certifications and well chlorination