Air Rotary Hard Rock

Mud rotary drilling method are used by CTL to install wells in the valley and foothill area. Drilling fluids are used to lift the soil cuttings and stabilize the borehole during drilling operations.

CTL is equipped with mobile self contained shaker units that are used to clean the drilling fluids that are being circulated through the drill stem and borehole. 

Because of the equipment used by CTL, an excavation sump for fluids is not required. This allows for a cleaner and safer work area requiring less cleanup effort, disturbance and damage to lawn or landscape areas.

CTL uses high quality well construction materials that include PVC SDR17 and steel casing and well screen in all our projects.

Following completion, CTL takes extra care to completely clean and develop each well to insure that the water is clean and ready for the client's domestic or agriculture use.


  • Ground Water Monitoring Well Installations:
    • Dairy's
    • Industrial Ponds
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Landfills​

CTL drills exploratory test hole borings for soils investigations

associated with the following projects:

  • ​Residential Subdivision Developments
  • Public Works Road Improvements and Construction Projects
  • School and Public Safety Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Private Home Development​

CTL WELL DRILLING AND PUMP INSTALLATIONS has many years of experience drilling in the mountains and foothills that require hard rock and over burden methods.

Hollow stem auger drill rigs are typically used to conduct soil investigations that require obtaining undisturbed subsurface soil samples at specific field depth intervals.

Soil core samples are collected for soil profiling, classification and laboratory testing for foundation and road section designs.  Other specific construction design information may be collected at clients request. ​

Hollow stem augers are also used to install vapor and groundwater monitoring wells ranging from 2" to 4" in diameter and constructed to depths of 25' to 160' in depth.


​ Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling